Marilyn Whitacre Huffaker

Class of 1957

      Goshen Schools have been an integral part of her families educational experience. They have been a part of the foundation for their lives.  Her sister, Ruth Ann  Whitacre Demorat graduated in 1942.  Her brother, Bill Whitacre graduated in 1945. She graduated in 1957.

       She started school in the one room schoolhouse in Pleasant Plain.  Two friends, Nancy Stewart McCullen and Marie Goodwin Williams transferred with her.  They shared all twelve of their school years together.

    She started teaching in Goshen in 1961.  Goshen continued to be part of her families lives.  She taught her nieces, Lu Anne and Amy  Whitacre.  during the years, Lois Van Gelder and she were team teaching in kindergarten, her children started school.  Rebecca Lynn Huffaker graduated in 1986. Michael Huffaker graduated in 1987.

   In the following  years, kindergarten classes became self contained. She had the opportunity to teach great nieces and nephews, Daniel, Lindsey, and Whitney Amos, Vernon Amos, and Bill Whitacre.

     Goshen schools continue to be an important part of her families education. For now her grand children  attend Goshen.  Storm and Sky Huffaker plus many great  great neices and nephews,

Nominated by Karyn Whitacre Forman Class of 1995 and  Kathy Koch Whitacre  Class of 1978

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