Rosemary Whitton Schrichten

Class of 1958

2001 Hall of Fame

Rosemary Whitton Schrichten


        Rosemary Whitton Schrichten was born and raised in Goshen and has lived in the main part of Goshen for all her life.  Her parents were Charles and Una Whitton.  Rosemary had one sister named Laveda Whitton.  Her family has had close contact with the school for many years.  Her uncle, Meredith "Mac" McDaniel was the head of maintenance and custodian for many years.  Rosemary's aunt, Maude McDaniel was a cook at the high school.  Rosemary's mother was a custodian at the old building  and Rosemary used to stay after school to help her. 

         Rosemary was in the school system from the time she started the first grade and until she retired in 1999. This was a total of 53 years.  During high school, she worked as a server and then the year after graduation, Rosemary worked part time as a server with head cook Rella Bough, Hattie Wilder and Lola Millican.  Three wonderful ladies.   At the end of that school year, Sam Alley asked Rosemary if she would like to be Mrs. Marr's secretary. She had been her 5th grade teacher and she didn't hesitate to say yes.

          Rosemary worked at Marr Primary for 27 years and then at Spaulding Middle School for 13 years. Rosemary was the right hand for many principals, including Kathryn Marr, Phyllis Smith, and Joe Spaulding.


        Rosemary is married to "Lefty" Schrichten and they have two sons, Kenneth and Keith.  They have three grand daughters, one grandson, and three great-grand daughter.




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