2011 Goshen High School

Alumni Association Newsletter



Dear Alumni,

         The Goshen Alumni Association is excited to announce that it will be awarding its 100th scholarship during the annual dinner this year. What a milestone for the association, which has been providing scholarships since 1990! Theresa (Klump) Scherzinger, our first recipient, stated that "the scholarship paid for my first quarter’s tuition and books and gave my confidence the boost it needed to be successful in college. I am proud to be the first recipient of the Goshen Alumni Scholarship."

         The Goshen High School Alumni Association will be having its 113th annual alumni event on Saturday, May 14th, 2011 at The GOSHEN HIGH SCHOOL. The evening begins with a Friendship Hour at 4:00PM in the GHS High School lobby. Appetizers and beverages will be provided by alumni officers during the Friendship Hour, which is free. Dinner will follow the Friendship Hour and begins at 6:30 pm. The dinner cost is $12.50 per person for this year and for 2012.

         This year, we will honor the classes of 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, and 2011. We need one member of each honored class to introduce their class members. If you are a member of one of the honored classes this year, please volunteer to introduce your class members. If you would like to be the representative for your class, please contact Candy Meadors @513-310-2626.

        The GHS Alumni Association is pleased to announce that former Latin, French, and English teacher, Bill Disque, Charles McHenry, Class of 1942 and Troy Brashear Class of 1987 will be inducted into the Goshen Hall of Fame this year. We hope that you will join us as we honor these outstanding inductees.


  2010 Activities

         The main focus of the GHS Alumni Association is to provide scholarships to deserving students to further their education. We also honor past graduates and Goshen teachers and coaches who have brought pride and honor to our schools and community by electing them to our Goshen Hall of Fame. Finally, our annual banquet serves as a focus to enable classmates to get together and a platform to honor our classes, scholarship recipients and Hall of Fame winners.

          In order to accomplish these goals, we participate in several fundraisers. Our biggest fundraiser is the Golf Outing held every July with the Goshen Athletic Boosters. We also had three baskets for auction at the Athletic Boosters’ Fall Festival. This year we hope to participate in the Holly Fair.

          In March, we go to the school at lunch time and promote our scholarships and inform the current students about our organization. At homecoming, we pass out pens and take photos for the webpage. We also support and promote the GHS Alumni Basketball game which is a fundraiser for the sophomore class.

          We maintain a graduate database to preserve the history of our school and its graduates. We assist classes in organizing their reunions. We send a newsletter out each spring to all our graduates starting at their 10th year reunions. Our website (goshenalumni.com) helps keep graduates and community members informed of school history and alumni activities. We hope to have a Face Book page in the near future!


           Last year, nine recipients received scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each. The deserving graduates were Nathaniel Godby, Elizabeth Rogers, Tanner Schulte, Kimberly Harris, Tori Locke, Alisha Chess, Courtney Mulvaney, Adam Kannenberg and Josh Webb.

           These scholarships were possible because of generous donations by individuals and groups. During last year’s annual dinner, attendees generously combined individual donations that were enough to provide an additional $1,000 scholarship. Adeline Rogers Cornwell, a long time member of the GHS Alumni Association passed away this year. We have created a scholarship in her memory. The association was overwhelmed with your generosity and we sincerely thank all of you who made the additional scholarships possible.


2010 Donors


Deborah and Donald Andrews                      Bill and Janet Oligee

Barbara Austin                                              Jeanette Philhower

Patsy and Louis Binkley                                Diane Pierson

Edith Biron                                                    Nancy and Jerry Pratt

Maxine Bodley                                              Bob and Catherine Pray

Mark and Tonya Booth                                 Pam Purcell

Linda and Jim Brown                                    Richalee Rice

Lytle Brown                                                  Jeanette Rich

Richard and Cathy Charvill                           Joyse Erwin Richmond

Bruce & Sonya Charvill                                 Mona Rohne

Vicki and Phil Charvill                                  Barbara Russell

Linda Charvill                                               Mark Russell

Betty and Bob Christman                             Carl and Jan Schoellman

Mary Cox                                                      Carl and Rosemary Schrichten

Joyce and Rod Croley                                   Steve and Jackie Schwinn

Sarah and Steve Dale                                   Mark Slagle

Marge Edwards                                            Phyllis and Bill Smith

James Farquer                                             Art Snider

Robert Fawley                                             Joe and Jane Spaulding

Judith and Frank Fender                              Pat Stackhouse

Marlene Morency  Frey                                 Eva Steele

Johanna Delor Gahn                                     Lisa and James Steinnetz

Darren Garrett                                              Ann and Gary Sturgis

Hillary Ross Gatio                                        Roger and Jean Sullivan

Gloria Gruber                                                Kay Sumpter

Betty Gower                                                 Lois Pappas Swift

Carol Hansford                                             Charlene and Larry Thomas

Edna and Paul Hines                                    Pamela Trester

Susan Hines                                                 Yvonne Vanlandingham

The Hollon family                                        Lynda Jetter Wagner

Janice and Bruce Kannenberg                     Erwin Walker Jr.

Ruth and Frederick Kleespies                      Jo Anne Ward

Wayne and Mary Jo Langguth                     Robert and Helen Winterberger

Cindy and Eric Lutz                                     Jeanette and Jerry Wyatt

Janet Martin                                                Grace and M. Jack Young

Pat and Sally Maynard

Candy Meadors                                           NKU/ GCUK Alumni Club

Phyllis and Richard Morgan                        Loveland Aerie of Eagles Post 3006

Tim and Glenda Moore                                Kathryn Marr Estate

Dorothy Mosbacker

If we omitted anyone by accident, please let us know so we can update it on our website and next year’s newsletter.


         If you received financial assistance from the alumni, PTA, GEA, PAL or any other school scholarship, this may be the time you can assist a fellow Goshen graduate. Please consider donating $5.00. Any donation is greatly appreciated. In these economic times, small amounts add up quickly, as was so generously demonstrated during last year’s GHS Alumni Dinner.

         Please look at your envelope and check the addressed information. If you don’t have a graduation year listed on the second line, please contact Joyce Croley at 937-783-4329 or by email at historian@goshenalumni.com. If the name or address is misspelled, addressed to a deceased family member, addressed to an adult child no longer living at your house, or any other problem, please let us know.

          Since our last mailing, we’ve lost the current addresses of many of our loyal graduates. If you know of the location of any of these "lost grads", please contact Joyce Croley.

1930-1949 Lura Yeary Bailey, Eunice Weaver, Denny and Fern Keplinger, Harriet

          Swigert, Dorothy Manning and Mary Del Vecho Parott.

1950 Georgia Ellis, Lillian Warren and Pauline Anderson.

1960 Sandra Tudor Lykins, Gary Smith, Sandy Hartman Dillion, Teresa Adams

         Walkins, Joyce Lipps Martin, Charles McVey, Al Jones, Mike Maschinot,

         Jerry Scheidt and many more from 1960 thru 2000.   Please check out

         our website at goshenalumni.com for more names under the news and notes link.


Please consider becoming an active member of the GHS Alumni Association soon. Our website is goshenalumni.com and our mailing address is P.O. Box 113 Goshen, OH 45122.

         You may request dinner tickets by enclosing your requests with a check for the dinner(s). Please include your graduation year on your check. If you would like to have your dinner tickets mailed to you, please enclose a SELF-ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE. You may contact Candy Fisher Meadors ONLY for dinner tickets @513-310-2626 in the evening or weekend hours. THE DEADLINE FOR REQUESTS FOR DINNER TICKETS IS MAY 6TH, 2011. All checks for dinner tickets should be made out to the GOSHEN HIGH SCHOOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION.

         As always, we are looking forward to seeing you on May 14th, 2011 at the GOSHEN HIGH SCHOOL for the Friendship Hour and/or dinner.

Mark Slagle


Goshen High School Alumni Association



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