Robert Winterberger  Class of  1952 


     Robert served as a past president and member of the Goshen Local School Board for five - four year terms. (twenty years) He served as Goshen's initial member of the Great Oaks Joint Vocational School Board. He was also past president of the Goshen Alumni Association.

    Bob served and was honorably discharged from the U.S. Air Force after four years of active duty.

    Bob served the community and Clermont County as a political party representative. He was elected as a precinct committeeman. He was appointed to the Goshen Township executive committee and was also appointed to be Goshen's representative to Clermont County's executive committee. He was vice Chairman of the Clermont County Republican Party.

    Bob has four brothers and sisters - all of which are Goshen Alumni. He has five children - all Goshen Alumni and five of his thirteen grandchildren are Goshen Alumni. He has been married for 56 years to Helen Haddix, Class of 1956. He said it was the "best decision I ever made".

    Bob was active in all high school athletic teams including baseball, basketball, volleyball and track. Remember there was no football until coach Jim Brown arrived in 1953. Bob was a student under Miss Cook and Mrs. Marr and had Mr. Voshell "Doc" as a High School Coach.

     Education has always been important to Bob. He is a 50 year graduate of Miami University. He has a son, a daughter and a grandson who are graduates of Miami University. He has 2 grandsons now attending Miami.

      He has a grandaughter who graduated from Northern Kentucky University and a grandson and a grandaughter who are now attending NKU.

      He has a grandson and a granddaughter who graduated from Wilmington College and a granddaughter now attending Wilmington.

     He has a daughter and daughter in law who are both graduates of University of Cincinnati, and a son who is a graduate of Morehead State College.

Many of Bob's family have entered into the education field:

                                                                     Deborah (daughter) - teacher at Hillsboro High School

                                                                     Robert (son) - principal at Lakota Union Elementary

                                                                     Diana (daughter) - works for Fairfield High School

                                                                     Donna (daughter) - Secretary at the Goshen Board of Education

                                                                      Mike (son) - teacher at Marr/Cook Elementary

                                                                     Jodi (granddaughter) literacy coordinator/teacher at Loveland Schools

                                                                     Nathan & Amanda (grandchildren) teachers at Goshen Schools

                                                                     Lisa (daughter in law) Office at Marr/Cook Elementary

Nominated by Donna Tedrick and Rosalie Spaeth


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